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Washington, DC Massage Therapist Recommendation: Brennan Peroutka

Working in DC can be hectic and stressful. Early morning start time. Late evenings. Inside the Beltway professionals: you know the drill. Aside from lap swimming, which I love, there’s another way I cope with stress and that is massage therapy. I call it the all about you time! Yeah you! I’ve been to many massage therapists in the DC area. I am proud to say that I found the one. Brennan Peroutka, a nationally certified licensed massage therapist, is my go-to guy whenever I need deep tissue massage. He makes you feel comfortable, at ease and provides fantastic massage therapy service. He’s accessible, affordable and is an all-around professional. Booking a session with him is as easy as sending an email or calling him to say hi. Don’t wait. Contact him for your next massage therapy session! Yeego Brennan!
Massage Therapy services provided include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, PNF/RI Stretching, Myofacial Release, Prenatal Massage, Sports Therapies and Reiki I. 
Contact Brennan Peroutka at (410) 707-6138 or by email at