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Yeego Public Affairs

Your communications roadmap starts with your vision and mission adopted by your board. With a great roadmap, we will help you build awareness of your policy priorities, strengthen your reputation, engage your membership, excite and attract new members and allies, and build solid coalitions.

Media relations

Media Relations

Your story is why you get up in the morning. Your mission and message need to be cultivated for others to learn and appreciate. Storytelling across multiple media platforms is how you convey your message, the people, and the ideals you represent. We'll help you cultivate relations with local, regional, national, and global media according to your core interests and audience.

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Strategic Communications & Planning

Your vision and mission shape your communications. The need for you to convey what you stand for is paramount. We'll help you be consistent in getting your message through a crowded media highway and differentiate you. We'll help you integrate this into your team's daily routine.

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Equity-Focused Media Ad Campaigns

We've developed relationships with ethnic and minority media partners for equitable solutions to paid media ad campaigns. The inclusion of ethnic media in your ad campaign is categorically different when measuring the effectiveness of alternative impressions. We've been proven right in utilizing alternative metrics with ethnic media partners. 

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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Position yourself as a leader in your market in today's changing demographics. It's no longer acceptable to check the box. You'll have to go further than that—representation matters. We'll help you go beyond superficial acknowledgment.   

Social media

Social Media Engagement

Amplify and protect your message through the smart use of social media platforms. We'll take this off your plate, or we'll coach you on how to do it the right way. Twitter doesn't have an edit feature, but you won't need it with us. 

In the News

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Write digital headlines both readers and Google will love

Most long-time headline writers have methods and rituals. For print people, the temptation to turn to Rhymezone, IMDB and that idiom dictionary to generate puns and snowclones is nigh irresistible. For others, the siren song of colons, journalese and partial quotes beckons. These, too, are relics of print, where brutal character-count constraints demanded space-saving shorthand.

Aliyah Chavez is from Kewa Pueblo, New Mexico. (Photo by LoriLei Chavez)

From the rez to national news anchor

Aliyah Chavez has dreamt of being on a television news program since her childhood. Now her dream is coming true. She is now the anchor for ICT’s newscast, the news organization announced Tuesday at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Louise Erdrich, 2008. AP/

Two Native writers win Pulitzers

Writers Louise Erdrich and Natalie Diaz were named winners of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the categories of fiction and poetry — also included was Marty Two Bulls Sr. who was named a finalist in editorial cartooning on Friday. Erdrich, Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe, is the Pulitzer winner in fiction for her novel, “The Night Watchman.” Diaz, Mohave and Gila River Indian Community, is the winner in poetry for her collection of poems, “Postcolonial Love Poem.”