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Yeego Planning

We offer two broad categories in planning: Meetings and events and fundraising development. We recognize you may not have the time or in-house capacity for successful meetings and events or cultivating long-term fundraising goals.

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Strategy & Analysis

Let's take a bird's eye view together. We can help prioritize goals now and those that you can fulfill down the road. In our experience, you don't have to do everything at once. We can help you knock off the hot items. Then, we'll help you sensibly plan for the future.  

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Case Statement Preparation & Fundraising

We know fundraising is one of your biggest responsibilities. Fundraising is the foundation for stable operations, growth, and focusing on your mission. We offer you expertise in case statement and impact report preparation, donor relations, and fundraising development. We can coach you on your short and long-term plans. 

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Meeting & Event Planning

You and your team are probably over overstretched as it is. We provide stress-free meeting and event planning services. Whether you are planning for staff, management team, board retreat, or a major annual or regional convention, we have the resources and experience to make your event productive and memorable.

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Live and Virtual, Hosting & Facilitation

Virtual is here to stay. Embrace it. Virtual technology is relatively easy to incorporate into your daily lives. Many companies and organizations do daily 15-minute stand-up, weekly strategy meetings, connecting with their governing board, customers, and members. It's a fantastic way to engage your constituents. We can help you become more comfortable and familiar with the changing technology.  

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